Who We Are?


Mrs. Archana Pal Singh

Director of Education

We at Jankidevi Public School firmly believe that Education is not merely being literate. It involves reason, and the correct approach to life. It helps us to mark the difference between right and wrong. It removes superstitions and develops critical thinking amongst individuals. It further increases our awareness towards our environment as well as the current social and economic issues. It even makes us humane and sensitive towards the needs of the lesser privileged. In today’s fast paced life we are witnessing a degeneration of moral values which are quintessential to an individual’s growth. It is our responsibility and duty to instil and nurture the right values in the children so as to secure the future of our nation and world. We solemnly pledge to take up this task and work with the young learners to make them upright citizens.

““The purpose of Education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”     – Malcolm S. Forbes

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