Who We Are?

Safety & Hygiene

We note only care for our students while they are in school but also while commuting. Special attention is given to complete safety of the students by providing specially designed air conditioned buses equipped with seat belts, emergency exits, extra hydraulic steps for young toddlers. To safeguard them from any mishap the buses are well equipped with fire extinguishers and first aid box. The school buses are also equipped with cameras and a GPS tracking system to ensure total safety of the students.


It is mandatory that every student is given a safe & secure environment at school as this will help in him / her enjoy the learning process. To ensure the same we have undertaken the following:

  • Adequate fire fighting equipment along with free extinguishers covering every floor & corner of the building ensures all round safety.

  • Four staircases are thoughtfully provided for easy dispersal as well as quick evacuation of the students in case of an emergency.Provision of two elevators with a capacity for 15 persons each in future, is a part of school building plan.

  • Nutritious & Hygienically prepared food & filtered drinking water periodically tested is provided in the school.

  • A doctor on call and an in house nurse attends to the students in any medical emergency. A counsellor and a special educator helps the differently abled children, with an aim to help them become a part of the mainstream. Remedial teaching & peer mentoring students is an initiative taken by the school to upgrade the academically weak students to the level of the average & above average performers.
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