Who We Are?

From Counsellor’s Desk

Process of counselling utilized in the school environment is both preventive and developmental in nature. It aims at the prevention of behavioral / academic difficulties, bringing about a change, and the provision of enhancement programs.

“Every Hand Matters” is what we believe and strive to achieve. As counsellors, we help monitor and support a student’s social, emotional and academic growth during each stage of development (early, middle, senior school), ensuring today’s students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.

A child at various developmental stages may face some form of difficulty that may be academic, behavioural or emotional in nature. Identifying these difficulties and thus providing early intervention is essential for the welfare of the child. This is a stepping stone towards ensuring a mentally healthy and well adjusted individual. Thus, depending on the identified difficulty, recommended therapy is provided or suggested to the parents thereby creating a liaison between the parent, teacher and counsellor who work as a team for the upliftment of the child.

We, the counsellors at Jankidevi reach out to these children for their better future through our availability for guidance and help such that, “Every hand is held” and “No child is left behind”

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