Who We Are?

Indoor Recreation

International Standard Multipurpose Sports Hall

We have a unique, International Standard Multipurpose Indoor Sports Hall with a dimension of (L) 138 feet by (w) 68.3 feet. It is fully equipped with Basket Ball Courts, Badminton Courts, Lawn Tennis Courts and Volley Ball and Throw Ball Courts.

We also have the following STATE–OF–THE–ART, WORLD CLASS, INTERNATIONAL STANDARD FACILITIES for various sports activities.

Skating Rink

We have a state-of-the-art International Standard Skating Rink where well-trained instructors guide the students to achieve professional success.

Rifle Shooting Range

We have an inimitable International Standard AC Rifle Shooting Range to help our students excel in this world class sport, which also helps them build focus and concentration.


We have two well equipped gyms, one for boys and the other for girls. The gymnasiums are filled with all the tools and equipments that provide children a chance to stay fit and build on their physique. All the classes from Std. I to X do specially designed workouts once a week using pull up machine, parallel bars, dumbbells, bench, multi-gym machines, bars and plates. Students are trained by our professional male and female Gym instructors who maintain a proper record of each and every student’s growth chart.

Billiards / Pool Room

We have a peerless AC Billiards/Pool Room for recreation.

Chess Room

The ideal game for the master mind. Chess being a game which forces the mental ability of a child to be put to use. There are five chessboards provided in the chess room and children are encouraged to learn the game. It encourages the child to develop and enhance his thinking prowess.

Carrom Room

100 percent accuracy… that’s the motto required for playing this game. It helps our students to get more focused and develop their skills.

Table Tennis Room

The students also get exposure in Indoor game like Table Tennis which teaches agility & alertness. The Table Tennis is equipped with 3 tables so as to give ample opportunity to the students to play this game.

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