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Language Development

Jankidevi Public School works towards the holistic development and well-being of students. To be successful in this competitive world, one needs to have a good command on English language, which is a global medium of communication, and a pleasing personality. To give our students an edge in this ever changing global scenario, we conduct the ‘Language Development Programme’ (LDP Class) for Jankians. 
This Programme is conducted by Mrs. Mamta H. Dua, who is a trainer for examinations of Trinity College London, The International Examinations Board. She and her team especially come from Mumbai, every year in the months of April and May, to help Jankians excel their English Elocution and Conversational Skills.
The four essential pillars that contribute to one’s confidence and eventually shape up one’s personality are one’s attitude, general awareness, etiquettes and language. The precise goal of the LDP Class is to sharpen these four pillars and make young Jankians confident global citizens.
The ‘Language Development Programme’ is an all-inclusive course that works towards the all-encompassing development of students by improving their language, grooming them with right mannerisms, inculcating qualities like public speaking, enhancing their overall communicative skills, building up their confidence and thus enhancing their persona.
This is achieved through a well-designed curriculum that includes reading, recitation, group discussions, presentations, audio visual methods and other play way activities. Etiquettes and mannerisms are also an integral part of this programme. The aim is to make Jankians well-mannered, courteous and polite. Students are also taught table mannerism through experiential and practical learning by organizing a lecture on ‘Dining Etiquettes’ at one of the best five star hotels in the city.
To sum it up, the ‘Language Development Programme’ is a comprehensive course that includes personality development and public speaking with language as the base.
It is a widely known fact that good teachers teach, better teachers inform and the best ones inspire. Through this programme we inspire Jankians to read, trigger their thirst for knowledge, motivate them to be more aware and informed, make them more courteous and polite, improve their self-confidence, enhance their public speaking skills and thus ensure that they have a pleasing personality and become confident global speakers of tomorrow.

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